There’s nothing that affects the way we feel in an urban area more than our built environment. If we’re to become a world-class city, our architecture and our public space must have a look and feel that inspire us where we live and work. To this end, we’ve created two design review committees, the Hollywood Design Review Committee and the district-wide CD 13 Design Review Committee to assist staff in development project review. The committees are comprised of volunteer design professionals and experts from the district.

We’ve also set out some clear urban design principles and standards for commercial, residential, and industrial projects in our “CD 13 Urban Design Guidelines” document.

In CD 13, we strive to improve the look and feel of all our neighborhoods, harnessing development growth to stimulate short-term and long-term job creation, while preserving the existing character of our historic, residential neighborhoods. We promote attractive, high-quality development that is sustainable, transit-friendly, and which considers the pedestrian as the cornerstone of design over automobile-centric design.


The CD 13 Urban Design Guidelines carry out design objectives that maintain neighborhood form and character while promoting design excellence and creative infill development solutions. They are informed by the following CD 13 Urban Design Principles:

  1. Develop inviting and accessible transit areas.
  2. Reinforce walkability, bikeability and well-being.
  3. Nurture neighborhoood character.
  4. Bridge the past and the future.
  5. Produce great green streets.
  6. Generate public open space.
  7. Stimulate sustainability and innovation in our city.
  8. Improve equity and opportunity.
  9. Facilitate short-term and long-term job creation.
  10. Emphasize early integration, simple processes and maintainable solutions.



Here is a list of planning policy being directed by the Councilmember.

September 2013

Route 66 Business Improvement District

August 2013

Motion to require public notification when structures are being proposed for demolition

July 2013

Motion to remove 1L height designation from downtown Echo Park Community Design Overlay area

Motion to establish slope/density regulations in the Silver Lake, Echo Park and Elysian Valley Community Plan area


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